App ver1.3.1 Release Notice

Thank you for continuously enjoying “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle.”

An app update has been conducted at 16:40 on 12/07 (UTC+9) in order to address the following issue.

  • There are cases where a “Connection Error” occurs in the Quest screen and the game returns to the Title screen.

This issue can be fixed by going to the respective app stores and updating the game to ver1.3.1.
Please see below for how to update.

*Users using the Android/iOS versions can play the game without updating.

App Update Method


Please exit the app once and then relaunch it to perform the update. If the update does not proceed correctly, please try the following steps:

  1. Search “DanChro” from the Windows search bar.
  2. Right click it to open the menu.
  3. Click “Run as administrator.”
  4. The update will start.

*If you launch the app from the “DanChro” icon pinned to the Windows taskbar, there is a possibility that the update may not proceed correctly.


You can update from Google Play.
*If the update button does not appear in Google Play, please try to wait a while or try to conduct “Clear Cache” and try once again.

■Clear Cache Method
1. After pressing the Menu key on the Home screen, select [Settings].
2. Select “App” then “Google Play Store.”
3. Select “Clear Cache.”
*Please do not press “Uninstall Updates.”
*Please note that the menu interface and controls may differ slightly depending on the device.


You can update from the App Store.
*If the update button does not appear in the App Store, please wait for a while and try again.

■Those using iOS11 or later version.
Some Users using iOS 11 or later versions may not be able to update the app because the latest app is not reflected in the App Store.
If the above issue occurs, we have confirmed that trying the following steps may show the latest app.
Please try the following.
1. Restart the device (Turn power OFF/ON).
2. Close all other running apps first before restarting “DanChro.”
3. Obtain the latest contents by selecting the update tab on the App Store.

We hope you continue to support “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle.”

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