Half-Anniversary Celebration Campaign to Be Held!

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  1. Half-Anniversary Celebration Campaign Eve
  2. Half-Anniversary is Near! Free Gacha Acquisition Challenge
  3. Half-Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus
  4. New Feature “Ability Board” Commemorative Mission Available

Half-Anniversary Celebration Campaign Eve

The Half-Anniversary Celebration Eve Campaign will be available from 2/14 (UTC+9).
We’ve prepared various campaigns for the DanChro Half-Anniversary Celebration Eve, including a limited-time “Free Gacha” Acquisition Challenge and a Countdown Login Bonus. We hope you enjoy the DanChro Half-Anniversary Celebration Eve!

Half-Anniversary is Near! Free Gacha Acquisition Challenge

The “Half-Anniversary Eve! Free Gacha Acquisition Challenge” allows users to earn free Gachas based on the total number of missions completed by all users.
During the event period, for every time the five missions are completed, players can perform a 10-draw on the “Free Gacha” once.
Clearing all five missions allows you to obtain up to 50 free Gacha pulls in total.
Work together with everyone to aim to obtain 50 free Gacha pulls!

*During the campaign period, the progress of missions will be announced within the notifications at 18:00 (UTC+9).
*The free Gachas earned can be used to pull a 10-draw Gacha for free once per day.

The five missions are as follows:

Mission 1 Achieve a total of 150,000 matches in the Magic Stone Scramble.
Mission 2 Achieve a total of 300,000 matches in the Battle Arena.
Mission 3 Achieve a total of 200,000 remakes of Battle Items.
Mission 4 The number of times the hashtag related to DanChro is used reaches 1,000. (e.g.: #DanChro, #danchro, #DanChroNews)
Mission 5 Missions will be carried out during a segment of the live stream.
Details will be announced during the live stream scheduled for 2/17 (UTC+9).

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2/14 17:30 – 2/18 12:00 (UTC+9)

Half-Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus

A countdown login bonus where you can receive “100 Selas” each day upon login is being held!
Don’t forget to log in every day until the Half-Anniversary event begins!


2/14 17:30 – 2/19 12:00 (UTC+9)

New Feature “Ability Board” Commemorative Mission Available

The new feature “Ability Board” has been added as of 2/14 (UTC+9).
We will also be holding a special limited-time mission to commemorate the implementation of the Ability Board.
Take this opportunity to clear the missions and earn exclusive upgrade items!

The details regarding the Ability Board and the missions related to its implementation will be announced at a later date.
Look forward to it!


2/14 17:30 – 2/28 10:00 (UTC+9)

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